The Big Shift Men & Women Need to Make

Dr. M talks relationships, family, sex, self-esteem and more

260x260_0003_radioDuring a powerful and eye-opening interview on the Tonya & Friends radio show hosted by Tonya K. Freeman, Dr. M, creator of the Healing Man Healing Woman card game, shared essential wisdom to help men and women transform their lives and relationships. Sex, love, parenting, and self-esteem are just a few of the topics discussed as Dr. M shared how her new game is helping people to build better relationships, self-esteem and personal power.

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Dr. Antonia M

Inner Power Doctor, Spiritual Trainer at
Antonia “Dr. M” Martinez, PhD—The Inner Power Doctor—has a way of provoking the kinds of conversations, interactions, and internal insights that open people up to an undiscovered path of personal evolution. Known for her innovative approaches to conscious life and relationship transformation for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, Dr. M empowers people to heal, grow and transform from the inside out in areas where they have been chronically challenged, stuck, stagnant or stifled. The author of several transformational books, games, and educational programs, including the Inner Power Workbook, the Healing Man Healing Woman Game, and the Next Step Deck for alchemical goal achievement, Dr. M teaches the Meditation program at the City College of New York. View her site at
  • Zen Lill

    unfortunately this sound got cut off halfway through and I couldn’t get back to my place, had to listen to everything all over again…any way to move forward in the recordings?

  • Anonymous

    Click inside the black progress bar jump to the desired location.

  • self esteem

    Thank you for that it was so uplifting.

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