.0 the New Unified Field Theory

Posey Lee Gilbert
Posey Lee GilbertExcerpted from .0 the New Unified Field Theory: Spaceail Migrations – a new way to look at things we already know (1997)

Like the digitized music tracks on a CD, the symphony that is our universe is already completed from beginning to end. Every correct note played has been recorded as well as every pause and incorrect note not played. Even when the disc is just sitting in its’ jewel case, the music is beginning to play, is playing, is not playing, and has played all at the same time. Until it is placed into a CD player and the unit is then activated, to us there is no music. In the same way, until awareness passes through one of these figmental trails, there is no universe.

These figments are the strands, or the super strings, that weave the tapestry of creation. The strands of the paths not taken are of equal importance to the paths that are taken for they, by the presence of their absence, confine, define and bind the edges of this grand tapestry. Each of our lifetimes, if viewed through the quantum mind, would also be seen to be one of the strands making up the threads of this tapestry, and so too are inseparable from the whole—anything done on one level has effect on all levels like a tsunami sweeping through all that is. With this understood, we have at last found the answer to that one annoying question that plagues us all…that infernal, eternal: “Why do things have to be the way they are?” The answer to which is: “Everything is as it should be for things to be as they are at this time….dammit!”

Just as we are defined, and are made who we are, by events we did and did not encounter on our trajectories through the cloud of possibilities surrounding that which we call our lifetime, so too the place a quantum particle does or does not occupy within an atom defines what form that it will manifest as in our level of the universe. Here it can now be seen how the spaces or the presence of absence of a quantum particle defines the form that all matter will take in this level of universe. Be it energy, gas, plasma, fluid, or solid the points of space (spoints or spaceail points) or points of 0 “absence” is what all things are mostly made of. In other words, who we aren’t is what makes us who we are. Likewise, what things aren’t more exactly defines what they are. Because space is the only thing in our universe that is continuous, rather than to call it points of 0, I call this tangible space point 0 and from here onwards will write it as .0. When referring to the intangible nothingness, I will use the term the 0, and at times simply 0.

Of course, at this time you are asking yourself (and rightly so) “What the hell is this fool talking about?�?Tangible nothingness, intangible nothingness, spoints, sparticals, points of 0, point 0, .0, the 0, and soon to come, essence 0. “Why so many words to talk about absolutely nothing?�? Nothing is nothing and that’s all there is–or isn’t–to that!” But bare with me. You’ll find this all worthwhile. What is offered here is not something new but something we all know on an inner level but that so far has not yet been fully conscientiously realized.

To put it metaphorically, we have been using a mop as a broom and a broom as a mop. True, this method still produces a clean floor but, if we use these tools properly we end up with a much cleaner floor with much less work. We’ve been taught only that which we experience by use of our senses, or by the use of some confabulated device, is tangible and worthy of the focus of our attention. This attitude is fine when crossing streets and dealing with and functioning in the everyday life this mop will sweep. However, when we get into the micro/macroscopic areas of our living space, the mop can’t really reach into the crevasses to get down to the real nitty gritty so to say.

Even though you may have a dust pan at the ready to collect the uncovered larger particles (the cosmic data), the mop will not release the finer particles of dust (the quantum information collected), without the numerical juggling of quantum mathematics. However, once the mop is shaken, the dust particles become once again airborne to end up resettling in the cracks and corners elsewhere on the floor.
While the wet broom well may reach into these crevasses to dislodge bits of grit (cosmic information), and dust (quantum information), it cannot absorb or pick up all the bits it has uncovered, and so leaves behind a filmy residue—that is unanswered questions on both the macro and the micro scale. It then surmises that there are some things that we are not meant to know.

We have and have had the answer to our questions all along but because of our way of thinking have long been overlooking it. The problem is, in our search for the universal knowledge, we have overlooked nothing. In fact we have overlooked it over and over again. We’ve been searching the cracks for answers and all the while the cracks were the answers. Once it’s learned to not overlook, but rather look over that which is not there, and to see it in a different way, we will find that that missing ninety percent of the universe is not missing at all–it’s just not there. Only then will we have finally found that which we have not been looking for for so long. For in truth we never realized that we were looking for nothing, and so discarded it every time we found it.

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