The Hidden Purpose of Intention

Dr. M clarifying an oft misunderstood concept in the process manifestation

cat_icon_lightI was uncertain what I was going to include in an edition of my newsletter. I flirted with a few ideas. Maybe I’d include something from my journal. Or perhaps I’d share a dreaming technique that I often use. I just wasn’t sure. “Well, what is your intention?” the Voice inside me asked. And then it hit me what I wanted to write.

The Voice’s question reminded me of a powerful teaching by Jerhoam, one of my teachers. Intention, he said, was a tool for the unclear mind. A clear mind knows. Sure enough, wasn’t that the situation I found myself in with the newsletter–not knowing what direction to move in or what decision to make? The primary purpose of intention is to create clarity in the mind.

Intention is often spoken of hand-in-hand with manifestation or attraction and is thought by many to be the key to being able to manifest. However, intention is a secondary key that one may employ when the primary keys of manifestation are lacking–but it is not a substitute!

Two important components in the manifestation process are power (or energy) and attention (or focus). If you have ever found yourself suddenly “in the mood” and inspired to tackle a task that you normally avoid doing, you have witnessed one example of power and attention at work in the manifestation process. Likewise, if you have ever found yourself too tired or too distracted to get something started or finished (despite having the best intention or great passion for it), then you have also witnessed the importance of power and attention–but from the other side of the coin. When you have sufficient amounts of the type of power and attention you need, you can manifest easily and, in many cases, instantaneously.  As long as the mind is clear, you can even “pre-manifest” something before you even realize that you need it.

Intention can help you to accumulate and sustain the necessary power and attention you need to manifest something. But once again, I remind you,  it is not a substitute for it.  If you have been working earnestly with clear intention, yet continue to have trouble manifesting what you desire or envision, then put greater emphasis on developing the appropriate power (emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual) and attention needed to get the job done.

PS:  Your power also includes your attitude. If you have a poor one, improve it!

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  • Johnkorea09

    Very insightful. Thank you very much:)

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