Not Procrastinating Are You?

hourglassspacer300I was inspired to write this e-mail TODAY and send it as soon as it was done. Somewhere out there is a chronic procrastinator who needs to read this message right now. So let me share a little wisdom anecdote that one of my teachers, Jerhoam, shared with me about procrastination and distraction; you may never look at procrastination the same way again!

The anecdote goes a little something like this: Imagine that you are in your bed making passionate love. Then, all of a sudden, exactly thirty seconds before reaching climax, you get up to finally take a look at that magazine article you’ve been meaning to read. Once you’re done with your very important reading, you jump back into bed to pick up your lovemaking exactly where you left off – 30 seconds before climax – to finally experience your big moment.

Sounds preposterous doesn’t it? Yet, that is essentially what we do in the manifestation process when we procrastinate, stall, or distract ourselves. Procrastination is just another form of distraction. On the surface, it may seem that all we do when we procrastinate is merely delay what we think is the inevitable completion of whatever project or goal we had been working on. What we REALLY do when we procrastinate is diminish the capacity to bring goals and dreams to fruition. Yes, you could reach climax again (hopefully the same night) but you’d have to rebuild the energy and momentum. You couldn’t just pick up where you left off because you’ve lost the Magical Momentum.

Magical Momentum is that place in your manifestation (or transformation) process when things begin to coast and are just about to peak and yield results. This, unfortunately, is also the moment when we are most tempted to procrastinate and get distracted. It’s the moment when we’re most ready to “take a break,” or tell ourselves that we’ll do it tomorrow instead of right now.

Why do we do that? It’s a very unconscious reaction to the wave of new energy that we’re building. The wave begins to push us into some new territory, direction or state of being and we automatically push back.  We believe we’re just giving ourselves a harmless little break, completely unaware that we’re immersing ourselves in the much bigger wave of our old momentum. Just like memory foam, we assume our old shape as soon as the pressure is lifted. Next thing you know, that one piece of candy we ate turns into a week of junk food. One hour of TV turns into “I didn’t do anything all day.” And one dinner with the Ex, who you know you shouldn’t even be talking to, turns into…well, you know.

In other words, today’s manifestation lesson is this:

Manifestation is a molding process of sorts. If you keep permitting yourself to be distracted during the  process, you’ll interrupt the climax. And if you keep procrastinating before things even get started, you’re never going to get the oven hot enough for the anticipated climax to happen anyway. So, if you’re really serious about manifesting what you want, whether it’s a new life, new career, new relationship, new image, etc., then start now. Get back on the wagon now. Pace yourself appropriately and don’t stop until you get there!

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for part two of this Manifestation Training  Series and for upcoming workshops! And in case you missed it, view the  manifestation video from earlier this month: Inca Secrets of Manifesting Your New Life

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