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Learn to give accurate and spiritually meaningful readings with or without tarot cards! This course will take you through the entire deck and teach you how to get clients.

Start now…give intuitive tarot readings before summer!

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Available from the Inner Life Society Online Spiritual Study Center

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Antonia “Dr. M” Martinez, PhD—The Inner Power Doctor—has a way of provoking the kinds of conversations, interactions, and internal insights that open people up to an undiscovered path of personal evolution. Known for her innovative approaches to conscious life and relationship transformation for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, Dr. M empowers people to heal, grow and transform from the inside out in areas where they have been chronically challenged, stuck, stagnant or stifled. The author of several transformational books, games, and educational programs, including the Inner Power Workbook, the Healing Man Healing Woman Game, and the Next Step Deck for alchemical goal achievement, Dr. M teaches the Meditation program at the City College of New York. View her site at
  • Intuition

    What is intuition?

    It is the part of us that knows what
    is going on even if we are not totally conscious of it. Intuition, sometimes
    referred to as inner guidance, can be described as a mechanism of instinctive
    or inner neither knowing which neither employs nor needs logical thought
    processes. We can call it as an inner voice, level of awareness or alternative
    source of knowledge. All of us possess this mechanism with varying levels, and
    the capacity to develop intuition further.

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