DeepDating Tip #1: Stop Holding Back

To the degree which you or your partner holds back, your relationship will be unfulfilling. A couple can go on holding back for years before realizing that after all their time together, they still don’t know each other, or they haven’t tapped into anything new or deeper within their relationship in a long time.  To turn it around, start putting all your cards on the table and stop sitting on your personal x-factor when it comes to your relationship. DeepDating is about transforming your relationship into deep, unbridled adventure. Whether the two of you have  just met or have been married for years, in DeepDating you’re always meeting someone new within your partner (and yourself)…and inviting him or her to come out and play. How do you get the REAL you to come out of hiding and out into the open? Entice, develop and nurture that person—one conversation and adventure at a time. If you weren’t holding yourself back, what’s the next adventure you’d take your relationship on?

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Dr. Antonia M

Inner Power Doctor, Spiritual Trainer at
Antonia “Dr. M” Martinez, PhD—The Inner Power Doctor—has a way of provoking the kinds of conversations, interactions, and internal insights that open people up to an undiscovered path of personal evolution. Known for her innovative approaches to conscious life and relationship transformation for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, Dr. M empowers people to heal, grow and transform from the inside out in areas where they have been chronically challenged, stuck, stagnant or stifled. The author of several transformational books, games, and educational programs, including the Inner Power Workbook, the Healing Man Healing Woman Game, and the Next Step Deck for alchemical goal achievement, Dr. M teaches the Meditation program at the City College of New York. View her site at
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