Personal Alchemy: Turning Your Spiritual Lead into Gold

January 29, 2014


“Turn lead into gold,” was the bumper sticker of medieval alchemy, which was a mixture of science, philosophy and mysticism. At the heart of the discipline was the idea that any substance could be created by properly combining the four elements of air, earth, fire, and water. But the holy grail of alchemy was to transmute common substances into gold. Personal alchemy is the process of transmuting spiritual lead into spiritual gold.  Spiritual lead consists of the energetic blocks, karmic residue, and spiritual sediment that weigh you down and keep you from being who and what you are. [Read more]

Opening Your Gift

December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays! My good friend, Jan, who I met on my first trip to Peru posted this great holiday image on Facebook the other day. I love it. It’s a great reminder of what the holidays and holiday gifts are about. When I was a kid, I remember taking a walk one day and coming across this woman selling book. She gave me one as a gift. I was so thrilled. When I got home I concluded that God loved me so much that he made everything in the Universe happen just so I could get this book. Ahhh, youth. Maybe that’s not quite an accurate picture of the how the Universe works. But I’m convinced that the Spirit is always trying to give us a gift. The challenge is for us to be open enough, awake enough and aware enough to receive it.  Otherwise, the gift goes on the shelf. And there it sits forgotten and gathering dust. Inevitably, one day we start searching for it not remembering that we’ve already received it. We may go look all over the world trying to find it. The Spirit keeps trying to call our attention to it urging us to receive, embrace, nurture and appreciate our gift. Are you ready to do that? Here’s a simple little exercise to open you gift for the new year:

  1. Sit quietly and relaxed with your hands cupped.
  2. Imagine a gift box appears in your hands. See it in great detail. Feel it. Make it real.
  3. The box contains a very powerful gift made of the same power used to create the Universe. It is a Divine word or a Divine symbol that opens you to your Divine wisdom, power and truth in the moment. Open your box and pull out your gift.
  4. See it clearly.
  5. Touch the gift to your heart for three minutes. Let the Divine energy do it’s work.


The Power of Mystery on the Path to Mastery

October 21, 2013

To take a Spiritual Leap and finally move forward, sometimes you have to embrace the mystery rather than try to solve  it. Join the Conversation: ask a question or share a comment on Facebook. [Read more]

‘Hidden’ Symptoms of Low Self-Worth, Love, Confidence & Esteem: How They Affect Your Life and Relationships (Part 1)

November 2, 2012

Mistakenly, people think that having issues with self-worth, self-love, self-confidence, or self-esteem is an all-or-nothing thing. Not so. It is possible to have a very strong sense of self in some areas of your life while having a weak sense of self in others. Whether you’re aware or unaware of these issues in your life, they still create tons of baggage, limitations, disappointment, or struggle in one way or another. These issues can also be “self-contagious,” meaning that a problem with your sense of self in one area can infect other formerly strong areas of your life, if left unchecked. To evolve and go beyond these issues, it’s important to know where and how they are affecting you. In this 3-part series, we’ll take a look at 15 common symptoms of low self-worth, self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem that you may not know you have–and how they might be affecting your life and relationships. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? [Read more]

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