Activating Success Frequencies In Your Mind

August 11, 2014

Presented by the University of Metaphysics

Dr. Paul Leon Masters, founder of the University of Metaphysics & University Of Sedona
Metaphysical / Spiritual lecture on Activating Success Frequencies In Your Mind.

PS: I’ll be talking  about spiritual activation, as well as being in the “Zone” (a.k.a your “Sweet Spot”) during the free information session for my upcoming Meditation & Mindful Living course  at the City College of New York (and during the course itself).

So, You’re In the Habit of Giving Way Too Much…

January 7, 2014

What’s really standing between you and the Spiritual Leap you need make? Are you really stuck or or have you depleted your energy? Join the Conversation: ask a question or share a comment on Facebook.

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Boost your Spiritual Endurance, Willpower…and Results (without burning out)

December 24, 2013


What Spiritual Leap do you need to to boost your spiritual endurance, will power and results? Join the Conversation: ask a question or share a comment on Facebook. [Read more]

Tapping the Power of 2014: A new blog series from Dr. M

December 17, 2013

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Do What I Gotta Do – New Conscious Music from Dr. M

December 16, 2013

New Conscious Music from Dr. Antonia M, the Inner Power Doctor. Listen to this mellow grove that speaks about what can happen in a relationship when you need to take time out for the relationship with yourself.

Cultivating Mindfulness

December 6, 2013

In part three of this video series,  I talk about cultivating mindfulness. [Read more]

Part 2 – Mindfulness and its Value & Impact in Business, Relationships and Life

November 29, 2013


In part 1, we talked about mindfulness and business. In the Mindful Leader and Entrepreneurship Mastermind, we work systematically and holistically to cultivate mindfulness where you need it the most. But there’s more to you than just your business. You have a life, you have different kinds of relationships…unless, of course, they end up being casualties of the void left by the lack of mindfulness that we were talked about earlier. But your situation may be the reverse of what I described before. Business might be great while the rest of your life, on the other hand is different story. [Read more]

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