Aug. 23 – Free Wellness and Holistic Bazaar at New York Open Center

August 19, 2014

Join us at our exciting bazaars in New York and meet the wonderful holistic community of our city. Connect & network with holistic healers, natural doctors, organic product, essential oil therapists and our awesome raw food and chocolate chefs. Sample delicious treats, tea and smoothies. And don’t miss out on the $ 1.00 a minute massages (I  can’t wait to get my reflexology foot massage)! I’ll have a table there, so stop by and say hi if you’re in the neighborhood.

Saturday, August 23, 2014
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
New York Open Center
22 East 30th Street New York, NY 10016



Meditation Unleashed: De-stress for Life – Thursdays, Apr. 2 – May 7 at City College

August 11, 2014

What would you do with LESS STRESS and MORE POWER?

Are you …

  • stressed out, freaked out, burned out or under too much pressure?
  • feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, scattered or powerless?
  • struggling to get clear and stay focused on your goals…and to stop sabotaging your progress?
  • having a hard time managing your life, mind and emotions?
  • trying to harness the power of meditation, but can’t make it work fully in your everyday life?

Learn to unleash the power of meditation!

In this six week course, you won’t just learn how to meditate. You’ll learn to embody and unleash the power of meditation to evolve in every way—from how you lead to how you live to how you love.


Learn more in 6 weeks than what other take years to discover.

[Read more]

Leaders, Entrepreneurs: What boundaries are you REALLY ready to push?

November 14, 2013

Mindful Leader & Entrpreneurship Mastermind


Every business has its challenges. Mindfulness presents a way to address those challenges holistically. It is especially effective when you, your leadership, or your team dynamics are the biggest obstacles standing in the way of your business growth and success. Sometimes you know you’re in the way. That’s a good start, even if you don’t know how to get out of your own way. The real danger to your business is when you’re not aware of the obstacle you present you or that your company dynamics create. That’s where mindfulness does some of its best work.

Join a group of like-minded leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to build each other up and move each other forward.

Mindful Leader & Entrepreneurship Mastermind

Tuesday, December 3 – February 18, 2013
Mastermind meets online

Cosmic Clarity and the Spiritual Catalyst for Greater Movement and Momentum in Your Life

November 9, 2013

Last week I said I’d have more great things to share and that I’d also talk about the spiritual catalyst behind what’s been happening…and how you too can use it to launch a new spiritual adventure in your personal or professional life. Adding to the things I mentioned in my last post, including my Meditation and Mindful Living Program returning to the City College of New York next year, here’s what else I’ve been up to…and my quick tip on igniting something new and amazing for yourself:

Wow! Amazing things. The Power of Fun. Plus, Catch Me on the Radio and at City College

November 1, 2013

Me, back in the studio after 15+ years having fun writing and producing songs. I'm going all the way...I've started working on the music video and everything! I can't wait until you see it.  What will you do for fun this month?

 Me, back in the studio after 15+ years having fun writing and producing songs. I’m going all the way…I’ve started working on the music video and everything! I can’t wait until you see it. Fun generates real power! What will you do for fun this month? Share it with me!

What a week! So many great things are happening and I’m so excited! I hardly know where to begin. But let me say that having laughter, fun and excitement in your life is important. They generate incredible power…I mean real, raw chi that you can utilize in your life, your body, your mind and your spirit. They also stimulate the movement of energy within others. And they are an amazing magnet for manifestation as well as tools for healing. To whatever degree possible–in both your personal and professional life– follow the fun. And if you’re not having enough fun, go out and create some!  Seriously.

Ah, but there’s More Great News! See What Else I’m Up to… [Read more]

Developing a Spirtual Mission Statement & Growth Plan for Your Life or Relationship

October 15, 2013

Developing Your Mission Statement

A dynamic online workshop and 6-week group coaching program that will take you step-by-step into the very heart of your mission!

Learn More and Watch the Video.

Program Starts Tuesday, October 29, 2013.

Your mission is not just some spiritual task you are “supposed”  to do. It is the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. If you’re  not living up to your potential, then your life, your relationships, your career, nothing you do will live up to its potential either. Whatever you thought or hoped you might have grown into, this program is a chance to go far beyond that. You will learn to plug into your purpose and into the power necessary to fulfill it.  For couples and families taking this program together, you’ll also learn how to be better together as well as individually.

In the process of developing your mission statement and spiritual growth plan, you’ll automatically address the top issues that keep you from knowing, trusting or following your path, such as  fear, doubt, insecurities, lack of clarity, and procrastination, just to name a few.  Couples and families will automatically address the top issues that damage and tear  relationships apart, including communication and trust issues and feeling constrained or unsupported.

Take a Spiritual Leap with Dr. Antonia M, PhD into a New Dimension in Your Life and Relationships! Developing Your Mission Statement & Spiritual Growth Plan won’t just change your life. It could change the world! Learn more and watch the video.

New Online Spiritual Training this Fall and More @

August 19, 2013

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