What is Mindfulness and its Value & Impact in Buisness, Relationships and Life? (Part 1)

November 18, 2013

Hi, I’m Dr. Antonia M and I run the Mindful Leader and Entrepreneurship Mastermind. Today, I want to talk to you about mindfulness. What is mindfulness and what is the value and impact of mindfulness on your buisness, in your relationships and in your life?
Mindfulness & Business

You might already be aware of mindfulness and related topics like meditation as a tool for wellness. Hopefully you’re also aware of it a tool for personal growth. You may or may not be aware of how to apply mindfulness as a holistic tool for manifestation.

Mindfulness is the state of being present and aware in the moment and beyond your normal scope of perception. What does that mean?  Another way of saying being present is showing up. Mindfulness allows you to show up.  And of course if you’re not mindful, not only do you not show up–or at least not all the way–but you’re not also aware that you’re not showing up. You might not even be aware that you need to show up someplace. In a business environment, not showing up can manifest in a number of different ways: as you not showing up as a leader or as a team member. Not seeing what’s really going in your business, being distracted by what’s happening in or around your business, which could result in missing opportunities or throwing away money trying to fix problems in your business that you have misperceived. It can mean failing to bring your gifts,  power and potential to the table.

In Spanish, the word for mindfulness is atención, which, as you might’ve guessed also means attention. So when you lack mindfulness, when you are not present and aware, things escape your attention. Where you don’t show up in your business, your life, your relationship, for yourself creates a void. Other people might try to stretch themselves to fill the void or plug it up with other things. Or people (including you) may take detours to avoid it. And in the meantime, there’s no telling what may fall into it. It could be your profits, or your reputation, or your best people, your best clients, it could be your entire business, it could be your marriage, it could be the relationship with your kids. A void in your business left unmanaged can grow large enough to affect other areas of your life. Whatever challenge the void presents, it’s chronic. It continues to be a problem despite your efforts to address it. Mindfulness allows you to recognize what’s really happening, why its happening, and how to cultivate what is necessary to resolve or better direct it.

In part 2, we’ll talk about mindfulness in your personal life and relationships.

When Saying “I’m Sorry” Isn’t Enough: 10 Spiritual Apology Tips for When You REALLY Screw Up (Like HUGE!)

September 8, 2013

sorryNow you’ve gone and done it. Your relationship, your career, your freedom, your opportunity, your reputation…something vital…is about to come to an end because you did or said the wrong thing. You already know an apology is not going to cut it. The damage, disappointment and devastation is too great. So great that saying, “I’m sorry,” might make it worse. A poor or inadequate apology has laid waste to many a long and illustrious career, friendship, marriage and even a entire family. How can you avoid making the same mistake?  [Read more]

Would Zimmerman Verdict be Different with Men on the Jury?

July 15, 2013

I am disheartened but in no way surprised by the Zimmerman verdict. History of racial injustice aside, I knew what the outcome would be when I saw the profile of the jury. No men? How could the prosecution let this happen? They probably thought having mothers on the jury was going to be a big plus (as if men don’t care about their sons too).  I knew better.  [Read more]

Solopreneur “Horror” Stories: What’s Your Moby Dick?

September 18, 2010

whalespacer300Many entrepreneurs have some unfortunate, tragic story about their business; perhaps the downfall of a specific venture or even the entire business itself—or worse. For some of you, that story is long ago and far away.  For others, it hasn’t happened yet, and hopefully never will. For others still, that horror story is happening right now. The solopreneur is often on his or her own in starting up and building the business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur by calling or by circumstance, it’s not an easy job. Even the most experienced business owner is bound to make a few mistakes. Some mistakes, however,  are deadlier to your business than others. [Read more]

Haiti Earthquake, 2012, & Spiritual Messages

January 14, 2010

Think of the literal and the symbolic statement this quote about the aftermath of the quake is making:

“Parliament has collapsed. The tax office has collapsed. Schools have collapsed. Hospitals have collapsed.”
— President René Préval of Haiti.

Haiti Earthquake NewsThis is a profound statement for those who understand the connection between global events and the greater spiritual reality. Last week in our online spiritual study center, members of the Inner Life Society began exploring the metaphysical aspect of this very thing – a collapse of external structures as we transition closer to 2012 and the years beyond. What new path, message or necessary shifts in consciousness do you think this event reveals? [Read more]

Autism: Unexpected Scientific Discoveries and the Metaphysics Behind Them

May 15, 2009

An article on the Discover web site and the publisher’s print magazine revealed that the traditional views of autism as a genetic disorder originating in the brain are changing. New discoveries reveal that autism is possibly a neuroinflammatory disorder that is also linked to the immune system and “the gut”.

Autism, as you may have heard, is on the rise at an alarming rate. So are many other disorders, including those no one knows about until the commercials for the wonder drugs that manage those disorders are aired on television. Is it a coincidence that we are plagued with so many diseases and disorders? No. As we continue to pollute our bodies (and the planet) with increasingly toxic food, air, water, politics, cultural habits, etc, I hardly see the great mystery behind our exploding health crisis. In a piece I posted some years ago on our country’s Disorder Disorder – the disorder of having many disorders – I touched on the need for us to start addressing the larger health issues (including emotional and spiritual health issues) that surely underly our crises. [Read more]

The Spiritual Reality Behind Swine Flu: Revelations of the Pig Medicine Path (Part 2)

May 15, 2009

(Partial Transcript from the Inner Power Hour radio show hosted by Dr. Antonia M)

Listen to the Radio Show | Download the Full Transcript

The week that news of the outbreak hit, I was doing an urban spiritual quest. So I immediately saw a deeper message in it—or I should say messages because a metaphysical or spiritual event has multiple layers. On the surface layer, I saw the outbreak as a retaliatory strike—the latest attack in the war between humans and domesticated animals, in particular the ones that we eat. Mad cow disease, bird flu, now swine flu. I think you see where I’m going with this. We consume these animals by the billions each year. We may see greater “rebellion” and defiance in the future. A global outbreak of “fish flu” could conceivably be down the line for us as well, because that is the branch of the animal kingdom that we’ve attacked the hardest. But the outbreak is not just about eating meat. There is so much more to this drama that’s unfolding on the world stage right now. [Read more]

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