Ready to Take Your Empowerment or Healing Group Deeper? Watch this Video.

June 27, 2014

Empowerment and Healing Group Leaders:

Have you thought lately…?

  •  ”I know this group could be so much more powerful.”
  • “I’m tired of having the same old conversations over and over”
  • “It’s hard getting people to really open up”
  • “I wish I could take this group deeper”

Unlock the power and potential within your group…and your leadership with the Healing Man Healing Woman personal growth cards, kits and workshop series by Dr. Antonia M.

How’s that 2014 Mission Coming Along?

March 24, 2014

Horse_racingSo? How are things going? One of the challenges I put forward at the start of this New Year of the Horse was to be on a mission to produce a result by the end of the first quarter. Well, the end of the first quarter is just about here and we’re entering the second stretch. Where are you with your mission? [Read more]

Stop Underestimating Yourself Now. Seriously. I Mean It.

March 4, 2014

simplify[1]On my way to an ice-skating lesson last week, I realized that I have been underestimating myself for years. Many people do this to themselves, perhaps without realizing it.  It closes countless doors. It can cause unhappiness or unrest. Sometimes it’s not until it’s “too late” that you snap out of it, can look at your past objectively and finally see what was so invisible to you before. I don’t want you to wait until an opportunity is gone before you realize that you had the ability not only to seize it but to run with it all the way to the finish line. So stop underestimating yourself now. Seriously. I mean it. [Read more]

Today My Cat Told Me in a Dream that He Was Finally Ready to Go

February 11, 2014

sherlock 009-x400 My cat Sherlock has been sick for several weeks. There was no question that eventually, he’d have to be put down. How long he would still have quality to his life was anybody’s guess. And cats don’t always show when they are in pain. After returning home from the most recent trip to the vet just over a week ago, I looked at Sherlock (who was in his usual spot by my feet) and told him he’d have to let me know when he was ready to go. “Tell me in a dream.” I said. That dream came today. [Read more]

How Not to Freak Out: 5 Tips to Move from Struggle to Strength

February 10, 2014

istockphoto_5208802-panicWhen things change, when crises happen, when conflicts arise, we sometimes react by freaking out. That is especially true when what is happening is a threat to our security or a threat to our sense of self. When life as we know starts to become unstable and appears as though it may collapse altogether, we tend to go into a state of emotional shock and psychological confusion. “What will I do now?  How will I survive this?  What about all those years and money I invested?  What will happen next?” When we are unprepared, we can get swept up in the chaos and go into an emotional frenzy as a result. Part of the key to not freaking out and moving consciously from struggle to strength is to break any emotionally reactive cycle that’s throwing you off balance. [Read more]

This Week: Finding Your Groove and Turning Spiritual Lead into Gold

February 3, 2014

goldbars“Deep is where you’ll find the buried treasure.”  That’s one of the things I mentioned when I first started talking about where this year was going to take us. This week on my blog,  I’m talking about another kind of treasure – the treasure (spiritual gold to be exact) that gets uncovered through personal alchemy. What’s that you say? Alchemy is like transformation on steroids. Talk about pushing your boundaries! When I think about personal alchemy (or spiritual alchemy), I think more along the lines of shape-shifting. It takes a lot of power, focus and attention to do that and bring the new shape into physical manifestation. If you feel like a successful 2014 is going to need a little shape-shifting on your part, then get your toes wet with this blog post, Personal Alchemy: Turning Your Spiritual Lead into Gold.
And while we’re on the subject of manifesting… for those of you have not yet gotten into your groove for 2014 (or if you’ve already fallen out of the groove you started), listen to this BITE Radio interview for a refresher and some new inspiration.

Still Finding Your Groove for 2014? Listen to this BITE Radio Interview

February 2, 2014

260x150__0016_binocularsInevitably, when you are able to successfully ride a wave of manifesting energy in your life, things start to click in every sense of the word. You start to “get” things that you didn’t get before. Things fit into place in a way they hadn’t before. Gears shift and previously locked doors fly open. Sometimes you’re able to go along for the ride. Sometimes you have to work a little to keep up. If you’ve followed the discussion on Tapping the Power of 2014, you may have felt something click and really start to pick up speed in the second half of January as it hit one of your unique pockets of power I told you about before.  If so, congratulations! Keep it moving. For those of you who haven’t yet found your groove this year, listen to this interview (below) I gave on  BITEradio (Bringing Inspiration To Earth) hosted by Robert Sharpe. See what ideas it gives you. [Read more]

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