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Earthquake Survivors

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Headquartered in New York City, MADRE is an international women’s human rights organization that works in partnership with community-based women’s organizations worldwide to address issues of health and reproductive rights, economic development, education, and other human rights. Since its inception in 1983, MADRE has delivered over 22 million dollars worth of support to community-based women’s organizations in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Balkans, and the United States.

Women-led and women-run MADRE has developed an internationally recognized model of human rights in action. The organization mobilizes financial, humanitarian, technical, and human resources to enable its partner organizations to meet the immediate needs of women and their families and develop long-term solutions to the crises they face.

MADRE and Peru earthquake survivors
In Peru, MADRE works with CHIRAPAQ (The Center for Indigenous People’s Culture of Peru), which investigates violations of Indigenous Peoples’ rights, offers women and youth human rights training and works to document and preserve Indigenous culture. MADRE also works with LUNDU, the Center of Afro-Peruvian Studies and Promotion, an Afro-Peruvian youth organization. MADRE aids LUNDU’s efforts to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by Peru’s Afro-descendant youth and form ties with the larger movement for social justice in Peru. With funds and other aid from MADRE, both CHIRAPAQ and LUNDU have been working directly with Indigenous and Afro-Peruvian earthquake survivors whose urgent need for help has been largely overlooked by the country’s larger coordinated efforts due to discrimination.

Support MADRE in its effort to help survivors of the Peru earthquake.
Make a Donation to MADRE today.

Antonia Martinez, Ph.D. is the Whole Growth and Self-Mastery Coach, helping adults and youth to master body, mind and spirit in their personal, professional and spiritual life. Dr. Martinez has a doctorate in metaphysics and is pursuing a second in metaphysical psychology. She is the author of The Self Mastery and Fulfillment Workbook and teaches the online ILS International Meditation Instructors Training & Certification Program. Dr. Martinez is the creator of the Inner Power Mapping Technique ™ for accelerated growth. She develops online and special programs for holistic one-on-one, family, group and staff development. Visit her web site at

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