Rare 3-day Soul Adventure in U.S. with Inca Shaman – April, 2011

What are the secrets of shamanism that lead to powerful healing and transformation? Find out for yourself!  For a limited time only, one of Peru’s most revered shamans, Don victor Estrada, will be in New York and Florida for an empowering weekend healing retreat and private healing sessions for individuals and couples’. Immerse yourself in this wisdom teachings of a master shaman and experience what it means to have your own powerful healing! See dates and links below for more information about the upcoming shamanic healing and shamanic healing workshops/retreats.

Shamanic Healing Workshop

New York


Learn the Inca Secrets for Tapping Your Power to…

  • Self-Heal and Self-Liberate
  • Uncover and Reconnect to Your Path and Purpose
  • Create Miracles in Your Life
  • Heal Pain and Trauma of the Past
  • Clear Negative and Subconscious Block
  • More

Space is limited for this rare NY shamanic healing workshop and retreat.
Less than 12 spots remaining for some dates. Secure your spot now!

www.Healing Spirit.com


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