Empowerment Program-in-a-book Gives Adults, Youth Tools for Radical Growth

For many, there’s a big difference between the life they envisioned and the life they’re living. The ability and the opportunity to change their circumstances may seem out of reach until now. The Inner Power Workbook by talk show host and holistic program consultant, Antonia M, PhD offers life-changing exercises and master keys to help individuals, couples, families and groups to stop struggling and start flowing.

“The book gives readers a number of integral tools to help close the gap between think they are and who they have the power to be,” says author, Antonia M, PhD who developed the the Inner Power Mapping Technique featured in the book. The technique is an energy-shifting alchemical growth process that helps people recollect, realign and reconfigure their personal energy to be in harmony with their dreams, natural talents and their needs. The book also introduces the reader to “power journaling,” which helps to transform the average journal into an agent of change. “All of the tools and exercise take a holistic approach to growth and development,” notes the author. It engages mind, body, spirit and emotions into the process and addresses issues at the core because that’s the secret of making permanent lasting change.”

With a doctorate in metaphysics and pursuing a second in metaphysical psychology, the “Inner Power Doctor,” Antonia M, PhD specializes in personal growth and spiritual rehabilitation. Her book takes the reader through a series of InnerPowerment(TM) programs dealing with key life areas, such as relationships, goals and self-image. Or, readers can create a custom curriculum by focusing on the workshop that address specific issues, such as confidence, forgiveness or communication. The book provides useful tips for using the book more effectively when working in a group or team setting.

The Inner Power Workbook (an updated version of Dr. M’s earlier Self-Fulfillment Workbook) is also the foundation of two new programs being developed for inmates, ex-offenders and at-risk youth. “I’m looking forward to getting these programs off the ground,” says Dr. M. “Education is such an vital part of growth and rehabilitation. The importance of an inner education can’t be overlooked.” The pilot program is expected to be underway this year.

The Inner Power Workbook is available at www.InnerPowerWorkbook.com and booksellers everywhere. Order the Inner Power Workbook

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