Effectiveness, Not Perfection, is the Name of the Game

I hope you’re not standing in your way or sitting on untapped treasure and potential while waiting for something to be “perfect,” “good enough” or unnecessarily impressive. I can understand why you might want to do that. But I hope you can understand why others on the same road might be passing you by while you wait, or why your dreams might still be on the shelf even after all this time. If you’re stuck, stalled, disappointed or frustrated with your progress or level of manifestation in some endeavor, my advice to you today is to shift your focus to being effective.  Effectiveness might not always be pretty or polished, but it works. And that’s the point. It’s out there and it’s generating momentum.  Don’t waste anymore time, money or effort waiting for everything to be “just right.” Be deliberate about making the moves that will most effectively produce positive results right now.

Here’s a brief exercise:

  1. Select a goal or intention that you desire to show better results with.
  2. Review your past efforts toward your goal vs. your results.
  3. If any past efforts have come close to producing the desired results, brainstorm how to make the effort more effective. If no efforts have come close, research more effective alternatives.
  4. Implement your new strategy and review your efforts vs. your results on a weekly basis. Adjust as needed until you get the desired result.

Additional Tips and Hints:

  • Especially if you have been struggling for some time to produce the desired result, there’s a good chance that you need to stretch beyond your comfort zone, or even enter a whole new stratosphere altogether. The thing that you have been reluctant or downright afraid to do may be the very thing you need to do to finally be effective.
  • Your personal baggage, hangups and other limitations can also limit your creativity, ideas and even your goals. Consider consulting new and varied sources for other ways of thinking.
  • Don’t stall things even further by taking forever to come up with an effective next step. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs or going around in circles in your mind, then give yourself a 60-minute time limit to come up with something. Then run with it.
  • Don’t try to build Rome in one day. Just do what can actually be done (effectively)  in one day.
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