Can meditation help me deal with crazy people?

On Wednesday, I was at the Open House for The  City  College of New York’s Continuing and Professional Studies program. I was answering questions about meditation and the meditation class I’ll be teaching at City College starting March 29. The most popular question by far was, “Can meditation help me deal with crazy people?”  Every time it was asked, there was laughter on both sides,  but the question was no joke. They were completely serious.

“Crazy” people are part of the human experience, and apparently,  they’re  really getting on New Yorkers’ nerves. Having better relationships, was the #1 goal that New Yorkers said  eluded them in a Stress in  America report published by the American Psychological  Association. So I shouldn’t have been completely surprised that this was the theme of the day from prospective students.

“They may be crazy,” I  replied  to one lady who was getting fed up with some of her business clients’ attitudes “but that doesn’t mean you  have to  be. One of the benefits of meditation is the ability to stay  centered,  in your peace and on your focus, even though people around are doing things that make no sense.  You get a much clearer  idea of how to interact with those people effectively without becoming negatively affected by it yourself.”

Two days later, I had a similar conversation with a couple asking if taking my class together would help their rocky relationship. “Definitely,” I said. “That’s a great idea.”  Meditation can not only evolve the way a couple interacts, but it can help each couple to gain a deeper understanding of who and how they are in the relationship, how this affects the quality and direction of the relationship, and what to do to organically grow the relationship.  Meditation is certainly a powerful tool for relationship transformation.

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