May 17-July19: Transforming Life, Leadership & Relationships with Meditation (NYC)

March 19, 2012

“This year is it!” That’s what someone recently told me about having to make several key decisions. Things were coming to a head in their life. Things were coming to a head with their career. And now things were also coming to a head with their relationship. Now what? “Now meditation,” was my response. Meditation can make all the difference in what kind of head life-altering situations come to, how well you handle them,  and how they play out from there. So I’m teaching how to Transform Your Life, Leadership & Relationships Through Meditation at the City College of New York  Thursday, May 17 – July 19. [Read more]

Powerful Spiritual Teaching from an Andean Fable – Humming Bird & the Fire

March 14, 2012

The ancient practice of storytelling to teach lessons is so powerful. In this video, Puma–an apprentice of the Peruvian shaman I work with (and a shaman in his own right) told an amazing fable when we were in Peru last year. It was so powerful it made me cry. The story illustrates an important spiritual principle that our teacher, shaman Don Victor Estrada trains us in during all of our spiritual journeys and healing retreats.

Watch this powerful video and share this beautiful story with your friends…and especially your children!

Newsletter: Meditation Videos | March Spiritual Events | Wisdom for the Busy

March 2, 2012

Is it March already?  I hope the year is going well and brings you amazing adventures and new experiences. I’ve been having and amazing adventure working with my dream messages and developing my dreaming consciousness in the Inner Life Society’s Dreamwork Circle. We just met last weekend (Join us for next month’s circle, March 25) or post a dream online). One quick  dreamwork tip that has helped unlocked my dreams’ deeper meanings was symbol association — kind of like word association, but using my dream symbols as the starting point.  Speaking of unlocking deeper meaning… [Read more]

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